Venezuela,EU and the violation of international Law

Many people tend to forget the recent history, how “humanitarian” interventions ended up in a bloodbath,how the “restore of democracy” led up to chaos and suffering to millions of people.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world.It is calculated that more than 300 billion barrels of oil are lying under the the ground and the sea floor of this country.

It is not a strange thing that many European countries that are most depended on oil(biggest oil consumers after the US) rushed to support the decision made by Trump (on Twitter as always-and later officially ) to overthrown a democratic elected government and recognize Guaido,an unknown guy(and not the opposition’s leader as wrong reported on most of the media),as the “president” of Venezuela, totally ignoring basic international law and moral ethics.

These countries are Austria, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The biggest question that remains is, how could such a decision be made? How can major European countries, that use as their front flag the respect of basic Internation laws and human rights, take such decisions? Are the politicians totally unaware of international law?

If the EU politicians are so “sensible” on humanitarian issues, why don’t they remove Emanuel Macron from President of France and declare any of their favorites as the new president of France? There are also riots, demonstrations, arrests, police violence, in a country that is under military law and state of emergency for years now. Where are the calls to overthrow General Sisi, the actual dictator of Egypt? The guy who is now trying to make himself president for life? How many votes did Mohammed bin Salman receive in the Saudi elections? The Israeli government is running a massive open air prison in Palestine where it regularly guns down, bombs and assassinates the prisoners.But,who cares.As long as they buy our weapons,cars and products, the EU politicians and especially the EU parliament will continue to ignore basic international human-rights laws.

But let’s get some things straight and explain to our “sensible” European politicians what is really going on.

The way this story has been portrayed in major EU and mostly German media is that Maduro is a dictator, governing an undemocratic regime. He’s starving his own people, depriving them of medicine, repressing them with the military, blocking humanitarian aid and using the Riot police to depress demonstrations. The mainstream media show images of empty supermarket shelves and demonstrators, images that are mostly years old. No images are shown from our neighbor France, where demonstrators are being daily arrested, beaten and torture by police forces. We don’t even hear about the advancements made in Venezuela over the past 20 years that have overwhelmingly benefitted the poorest and most disenfranchised people. Once Washington declares you a dictator, it’s over. Facts no longer matter. Context no longer matters. History gets rewritten. People tend to have amnesia.

The only thing that is being show to us is that Maduro is a tyrant, blocking humanitarian aid to a country that, according to the UN, is not in a humanitarian crisis.

Independent UN expert Alfred de Zayas

Alfred De Zayas, an independent expert on International Democratic and Equitable Order at the United Nations (UN), visited Venezuela and he noted “I agree with the FAO [UN Food and Agriculture Organization] and CEPAL [Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean] that the so-called humanitarian crisis does not exist in Venezuela, although there are shortages, scarcity, and distribution delays, etc.” . But how were these shortages created?According to many reports, the sanctions that president Obama first implemented and were intensified by Trump cost an estimated 30$ million a day. According to many reports, these sanctions have cost until now more than 38 billion dollars. By the way, the United Nations has condemned the economic sanctions against Venezuela by the United States, Canada, the European Union and their allies.Also, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation’s head in Colombia, Christoph Harnisch, said in a statement that the organization won’t participate in the distribution of assistance that will arrive from the United States to Colombia for later transfer to Venezuela, since has estimated that said “aid” comes from a Government and doesn’t have a humanitarian character.

This is not the first time that the US and its allies use the “trick” of humanitarian crisis to,practically,invade a country and interfere,like a global sheriff, into the internal matters.The US and it’s allies has a long history of overthrowing democratically elected governments.

The trick is to first suffocate a country and its population, creating a huge debt and freezing all of the assets outside the country and then offer an “aid”, which is a small portion of the economic disaster that you have provoked. And if you, as a president, accept the aid(which is actually crumbs in comparison with the economic asphyxiation caused by the sanctions) but want it to be made through official ways like the Red Cross, UN and Amnesty International, you are a tyrant and a dictator.
Maduro has also every right to control what is coming in and going out of the country. According to the investigative news site McClathy, the Venezuelan authorities seized a whole load of weapons in a U.S.-owned freight aircraft.

This story was also never reported by the media.Nobody, from these huge news corporations, seemed to care that a US-cargo plane full of US-made weapons landed in the city of Valencia, Venezuela’s third-largest city.

Most of the media concentrated in the fact that Maduro has blocked a bridge between Venezuela and Colombia and that,because of this blockade, the bridge cannot be opened for the transportation of goods and “aid” between Colombia and Venezuela. Well, there is a problem.This bridge was never officially opened. That bridge was actually built recently between Colombia and Venezuela.

There’s another bridge that exists around the same place, which is open and it’s the bridge that’s being currently used and every day there’s flows coming in and out of Venezuela and Colombia.It is the bridge that many people used to go to the music concert organized by the the billionaire Richard Branson. But they took the picture and again, trying to show that this is something that the government’s doing in order to block foreign aid from coming in.

Many media outlets talk also about the milions of people that left the country because of the depression and the difficult situation in the country. More than 3 million Venezuelans have left the country the last 5 years. And this is a reason to call the president of this country a dictator. Well, there is another issue here.

Venezuela has a population of almost 31 million people. As mentioned, 3 million people have left the country the last years. But, the amount of people that chose to migrate is nothing in comparison to the migration rates of many European countries. The number, for example, of the Romanians living abroad is something between 4-12 million people, and we are talking about a country of 20 million people of population.

Also, the Greek for example diaspora is estimated around 3 million people, in a country that has a population of hardly 10 million people.

So, talking about 3 million Venezuelans that left the country is nothing in comparison to other countries.Should we invade Romania or Greece because of that?

About the political situation now, Mr. Guaidó is a member of the National Assembly, he was elected with the same electoral council that President Maduro was elected. Article 233 of the constitution, basically gives you the order of succession when the president is somehow prohibited from assuming office because of death, because he resigns, because the Supreme Court impeaches him , because he’s medically or physically prohibited from carrying his duty, because he abandons the office of the presidency, or because his mandate is revoked by a recall referendum.

None of these things have taken place. And by the way, it’s unconstitutional just because the fact that, by constitution, the only body that interprets legally the constitution is the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court. There are five branches of government under Venezuela’s constitution and there’s one branch that is disputing the rest of them and that’s the National Assembly where Mr. Guaidó is. But also, it’s a huge mistake by other countries of recognizing this. I mean, there’s no precedent in history of such a move.

Many news agencies also mention that Leopoldo López , one of the opposition leader, is under house arrest. Well, this guy had a trial and on trial, he was condemned about, because of leading protests in 2014 that led to the death of at least 43 Venezuelans. Like in any other civilized countries, this guy should end up in prison. Or in Saudi Arabia, probably dead. But no, in the so-called tyranny regime of Maduro, he ended up in house arrest.

The role of the media agencies.

There is a huge problem here. As the past can show us, especially in Latin America, the news organizations have played a major role on overthrowing democratically elected governments and placing
puppets or marionettes, mostly dictatorships, that only profited the few and commonly, western owned corporations.

How is it possible to forget the Brazilian coup , the interventions in Argentina. There are proofs, thousand of articles online that America and all of the “civilized” western countries intervened into the internal affairs of almost all the Latin American countries.

What does it have to take to really understand that it only has to do about oil and nothing else. Why don’t we let the countries decide on their own, on democratic manners, what is good for them and what is not.

The history has shown us, where a West-Oriented country intervenes on internal issues of another country, the only thing that is left is destruction, poverty and human disaster. War is never the solution, and what the US and its allies are currently trying to do, is create a civil war that can only bring suffering to the people of Venezuela.

Huge American,French,German, corporations will take the oil, people will suffer. The history just repeats its self.

Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan , Nigeria. Next is Venezuela.

Is it not enough? We will not be able to breath in a couple of years because of the pollution. Every common-sense human can realize that this war is about oil.

Is it not enough??