The European morale and ethics

The European Union is advertised,mainly through the top politicians, to be the flagship of morality in the whole world.

We should never again repeat the same mistakes of the past, no more devastating wars again,no more extreme nationalism. That should probably be the real reason to create the EU.

But what do we have now? What is the situation in the European community, the European parliament, the Mediterranean and the establishment of concentration camps, the so called hotspots, the criminalize of rescue organizations that save the lives of desperate people, the expansion of the borders beyond Europe,making deals with dictatorships in Africa and the middle East.

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
Children play at a makeshift camp outside of Moria Reception center at Moria Refugee Camp on Sept. 24, in Moria, on the island of Lesbos, Greece.

According to the IOM and their HUMANITARIAN DATA EXCHANGE Database, more than 2000 people went missing in the Mediterranean sea during the last 12 months.

More than 100 are missing inside Europe.

In 2016, more than 63,000 unaccompanied minors entered Europe. According to Europol, more than 10,000 are missing. Nobody knows where they are.

In the concentration camp of Moria,the so called Hotspot, there are reportedly more than 6,000 refugees waiting, some of them for over a year. All the international laws about the priority of the human life, on how to treat refugees are violated. And they are violated with the help of the so called, heart of Europe. Nobody wants any more refugees.Most of them are sent back with everyday flights from main European airports.

Europe was so ethic that made a deal with the president of Turkey,Erdogan, to keep as much refugees as he can, promising him a huge European financial aid.

Nobody ever worried in Europe about the uncontrolled selling of weapons in countries that are mentioned as strong dictatorships. Ms Merkel invited in 2018 11 African leaders to talk about business and the further cooperation between the two continents. Nobody of course mentioned that most of these guests are ruling in some of the most extreme dictatorships on the planet.Nor even they talked about the robbery contacted by most of the European countries on the natural wealth of Africa.

During this meeting, nobody talked about the new borders that the EU is building inside Africa to keep the people as far away as possible.

Prisons in Libyan ,with people being beaten to death and women raped daily and no control from the EU that finances them.And in the same time, the Libyan Armed forces, which most of the personnel consists of mercenaries, is trained by the German and the French army. Millions of Euros are send to Africa in order to increase the security and these money return back in means of contracts for military equipment.Patrol boats, armored tracks built by Daimler, high-tech equipment provided by Airbus Defence.

The same money of course could be invested for the development of the infrastructure, the construction of schools and hospitals, etc etc. But is is easier to build a wall with EU funds and EU companies,rather than construct a university. The EU does not feel the need, after many years of European colonization, to let these people be free, to choose their own future.

And of course, the same situation exists in the middle east.The deal there is also huge,we,as Europeans, do care about the political situation in Egypt but,if they buy our weapons,we can tolerate a dictatorship.

When Israel, the worst apartheid still in exist on this planet, and which has violated more than 45 UN resolutions regarding human rights violations and systematically murder of the Palestinian population, buys our submarines(that are able to launch nuclear weapons) or our tanks, who cares about the human rights anyway?

This is Europe.A mixture of countries that only cares about profit. The worst form of capitalism has emerged into this continent, probably the second worst after the US. Profit above all, no matter if that will cost some lives.

Europe does not deserve to be called the flagship of ethics around the globe.Europe repeats the same mistakes, mistakes that lead to global destruction,misery and pain.We should never forget that.We should start respecting the lives of the others, read the facts and, mabey at the end, learn a little bit about our history.

For the moment, we are heading the wrong way.