The diesel scandal and how to get rid of the scrap

Germany has a high worldwide reputation about its ecological sensibilities. There are strict rules for everything and the federal controlling organizations are responsible for proving the quality of the end products, to protect its citizens from possible -health related- threats and to legislate according to the common good of the German population.

For me,and according to many facts, is just a reputation because in the true life, nothing of these happens.The controlling to the companies (also making sure that no cartel can exist) is limited, the big companies are getting even bigger and also create a huge political pressure so that the legislators will make laws according to their wishes.

Vw and the auto industry created a cartel, that runs for many years now and it is also well known. This form of “politically correct” mafia held during the past years secret meetings, talking about the regulation of the prices, splitting the pie for each one. They ignored every environmental law,in the whole planet, and agreed to sell cars with a special software that practically recognizes when the cars is being inspected.Only during this time, the “made in Germany” cars where producing exhaust gases that were below the allowed limit. Most of the cars produced during a normal drive, more than 20 times more toxic gases than they were certified to produce.This is a trick that,many companies followed, probably because they saw that,for such a huge crime,nobody really cares.Everybody knew what was happening and even the federal organization were aware of that.It was ridiculous when the CEO of VW in the US appeared in front of the congress and told everyone that “some software engineers did it”. But nobody ever found out who those”autonomous” engineers were,nobody from the press cared.

Politicians became the auto resellers, creating their own “truth” committees with their doctors and ignored or named the official pollution readings as fake news. Andreas Scheuer, today’s minister of transport, appeared on the TV and advertised the offers of every company.He asked the EU to review the limits on toxic diesel particles.

Nobody seems to have an interest on, where all the old Euro 4 cars are going. They don’t want to know, they don’t care or believe that they are recycled. There is a culture of auto owning,since the children are still in the maturity phase.People living next to each other and working in the same place drive with their own car to work.

And how did the population react to the fact that, their own -well known worldwide- industry humiliated their own customers, lying to them for years and causing more pollution and even an increase to the deaths due to the toxic gases?They bought even more cars.VW made records sales in 2018.

Big companies advertise an exchange program of old diesel 4 and 5 with new ones(diesel of course). They promise a ‘bonus’ of 4.000 to 5.000 euros, thus losing almost 3/4 of the actual price of the car, so that they produce more promising fuel efficiency and environmental respect. And if you don’t buy a new car, you will not be able to drive to many cities. BMW is building diesel motors like they never did before. The last months, the production line in Munich works on extra shifts.People are buying more SUV’s,the sales of luxurious are increasing.

I never understand,how can you actually produce a 3t V6 “efficient ” diesel that needs 90% of its energy just to move the car and not the passengers, and call your self a company that respects the environment. How can you,as a customer,continue on just not caring, despite the facts and the enormous informational material that exists everywhere in the net?

I strongly believe that the auto-lobby is doing an awesome job in Brussels. There is actually no way to enforce the European laws as long as millions are spent ,by the powerful auto-industry lobby.

Cities like Munich prefer to pay the fine rather than starting thinking of reformations, in a city that has more SUVs than any other region in Germany.

Transporting cars to Romania, a thousand-times repeated,daily situation.

Most of the second-hand cars end up in the East Europe.In romania alone,more than 1.1 million cars where imported in 2017.The infrastructure is there(highways almost everywhere,fuel remains cheap),I know people that even pick up 3 -euro4- cars and bring them to Romania on a single drive.

In many east-European countries, most of the people still believe in the principle of , what is”made in Germany” is also the best.They prefer to buy a car that produces 20times more CO2 than the world health organization recommends for a healthy way of life instead of thinking about the future of their children.The diesel-scandal seemed to be just a German problem,nobody cared on the fact that almost 50% of the cars driven in these countries are German-made.

It is a win-win situation for Germany.The customer is not in the worst situation.Instead of earning nothing from the auto industry-the official state never fined the companies that violated the laws and opposed the allowance of groups to collectively sue the firms -, has the ability to “push” his old car and also make some money.

The CEO’s still earn millions of Euros each year and when a politician tries to change something, the big ones start talking about the loss of many work places.So, the companies continue to produce even more cars and there seems to be no ending or a change of a policy.

The politicians speak about reaching the goals of the climate change aims.But only for Germany.All the old cars can be sold anywhere, as long as they remain far away from this country.

As the magazine Spiegel reported, a whole village in Africa was poisoned during the “recycling” process of German-made batteries from the electrocars. As it was found out, the major car makers were sending their old batteries to Africa(and they still do) without any concerns regarding the health of the local population.

I am feeling angry about the apathy of the people towards the fact that, although educated, do not seem to care about the dangers of the massive import of highly polluting cars in their country.

But most of all, I feel angry for other nations,the leading ones, that seem to be the flagship of setting the “correct” rules in the continent, but violate these rules when it has to do against their own interest.