The Ibiza affair should ring the bell in the whole Europe

In 2017, the today’s vice-chancellor of Austria and head of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) , Heinz-Christian Strache and his fellow party member Johann Gudenus met in a villa, that was rented through AirBnB, with some self-claimed niece of a Russian oligarch.

The far-right FPÖ came into power promising clarity and announced a fight against the corruption.The vice-chancellor can be heard telling the truth about the today’s political system. He explained how the game works.The spending to political parties helps companies make more money through tax advantages, that the political system through laws, proposes. He revealed which companies profited, which individuals became more reach through party-spending. And he revealed how this is done, through an association or an organization, which is totally illegal, not only in Austria but in the whole Europe.

In this video, Strache can also be heard saying that he has photos from Christian Kern,the ex FPÖ-leader and underage Africans in Cape Town. He can also be heard talking about sex-orgies of today’s chancelor, Sebastian Kurz, in the “drug backroom”.

There is,until now, no proof(and probably we will never find out) if the accusations about Kurz and Kern are real.

This video shows the corruption, from the top of the pyramid. The vice-chancellor of a country,that wants to be called democratic and fare, speaks loud and clear about doing business with private companies, as long as they pay something between 500.000 and 2.000.000 euros in the so called “association”, not directly to the political party. With these spendings, the company could easily win state contracts. Strache mentioned some examples, like the company STRABAG and the owner Hans Peter Haselsteiner that became one of the richest people in Austria, René Benko with his real estate companies and Dietrich Mateschitz from the famous Red-Bull. All of them, according to Strache, received tax-advantages because they have spent to the FPÖ.

In the video can Strache also be heard of talking about the idea of buying the Kronen Zeitung, the biggest newspaper in Austria. The,now ex-vice-chancellor, proposes the “Russians” to buy the newspaper 2-3 weeks before the elections, throw some people out and bring some new in that will “push” the FPÖ, so that they can win the elections.

Mr. Strache is not just an Austrian politician, he is the vice-chancellor. And what you can hear in this video is embarrassing,a disgrace of the political system that can do anything to stay in power. It should be a lesson, it should show not only the Austrians but the whole European population, where this type of democracy is leading us. This democracy is sponsored by corporations and companies and as long as this situation continues, the more we see the rise of nationalism and right-wing leadership. Because Strache, was and is a right-wing extremist. Also his “friends” like the Red-Bull boss Mateschitz, is a fan of Trump.

Corruption and politics were always connected. From the outbreak of capitalism and the introduction of the political party spending (which a reasonable person cannot explain the reason of its existence), to the American elections and the nomination of president Trump. Trump showed us that the “normalization” of corrupt politics can be achieved. There is no day that you do not hear from Trump. Either in the news, either in radio shows where his words are presented as “funny” and normal. Extreme politics became an every day thing.

The media want to reduce the damage of the Ibiza-affair.Because everybody knows that this is everyday situation in European politics. They constantly repeat the phrase “the so called Russian oligarch” as this is our problem here. What’s the difference if the people talking were oligarchs or successful businessmen that own construction companies.The corruption is the same. By the way, the video was probably made by the artist group Zentrum für Politische Schönheit.They trapped the vice-chancellor in order to show how corrupt the system is. And if it is really like this, a huge respect to this group.

The people in Austria should go out to the streets and demonstrate. Demonstrate to end the corruption. The system needs a change.

What two days ago happened is not enough. As long as these corrupted politicians stay in power, things will get really ugly. Ugly for the democracy, ugly for the human rights.

The whole Europe needs to go out to the streets and protest. You are naive if you think that this happened only in Austria. It’s everyday business in Europe.