The concentration camp of Moria,Europe,2019

Many people have never heard of it. It is not on the news everyday, nobody talks about it. The name of this small village on the Greek island of Lesvos, sometimes appears on the news when a mother with her -few hours old- baby die in a fire that breaks out in this KZ. Or when a gas bottle explodes and kills two people. A place, also called the “Hell on earth”, which was meant to be a Refugee Reception and Identification Center, firstly for a couple hundred of people and later was expanded to “accommodate” 2.330 refugees.

Today, in inhumane conditions, are accommodated more than 13.000 people. It is a ghetto in the heart of Europe, that still exists and nobody seems to care about it. It is a place where 13.000 souls, including unaccompanied children leave alone,fighting every day to survive. Where pregnant women give birth to their children into containers. Where all the hope is gone.


Here, children are living in totally inhuman conditions, thousands of people with no feature , waiting to be deported. And go where? These people have suffered enough already. Thousands of people remain trapped there for months on end in squalid conditions. Their lives are in limbo, crushed by the prospect of being returned to a country that is not safe for them. Women and children are getting raped, young people are getting desperate and commit suicide.

It is a shame for Europe. This place should not even exist in a Europe that preaches for respecting some basic human rights and talks about a European way of life.

According to the official version, Moria is a so called “hotsport”. A place where a limited amount of refugees should wait for a few weeks as long as their refugee status request will be approved or rejected. This place was created, after the German chancellor started getting criticized for not doing something to stop the refugees from coming through the Mediterranean sea. Already at the end of 2015, she traveled to Istanbul and back to Brussels to make the deal. The plan was to bargain with Turkey — billions in European aid in exchange for keeping refugees in Turkey. She hoped that, with word spreading back to Syria and Afghanistan , the migrant flow will drop dramatically. The “ethical” EU had promised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan €6 billion ($6.7 billion) and political concessions if his government would take back migrants who reach Greece via Turkey. EU in these occasions make deals with a government that also criticizes for the use of repression means against its own people, putting a price for every refugee.

Moria Refugee camp as shown in Google Maps

Moria is a huge concentration camp. Journalists are not allowed to enter,even politicians and people from humanitarian organizations cannot have a closer look of what is really happening.

It is a forgotten world, where the people live in a total misery without basic human rights. Many of them are almost years in this camp, getting more and more angry of how the civilized EU treats them. It is a shame for the world, for Greece that has become the prison of Europe, for Europe that ignores the situation.The less we know, the better it is for them.

This place should close and the people released. These are also human, having the same rights and the same dreams as we have.

Shame on Europe.