Ashamed of being an EU citizen

“Greek authorities are facing a very difficult task in containing the situation,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters during a press conference near the Kastanies crossing on Tuesday. “This border is not only a Greek border, but it is also a European border and I stand here today as a European at your side.”

She said Greece would be able to access as much as 700 million euros ($780 million) to help manage the situation and that Frontex, the EU border protection force, was preparing to deploy a “Rapid Intervention Team,” comprising ships, helicopters and guards.

Mrs Von der Leyen will remain in history as the first EU leader that supports the totalitarian Greek regime using all the “necessary means” to repel humans running for their lives.And these “means” most of the time consist of violating all basic human rights against people that require protection and using force that can only remind us of dark periods from the European history.

The European leadership has probably not heard or read about the deaths of refugees at the Greek-Turkish border, shot by the Greek police or “unknown” people from the Greek side.

Mrs Von der Leyen never watched the video of the “heroic” Greek coast guard, trying first to drown the refugees(including women and children) coming with a boat and then hitting them so that they return back.The coast guard also opened fire, with no reason.The so-called “push-back” is, according even to the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), illegal and violate – among other laws – the prohibition of collective expulsions stipulated in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mrs Merkel said that Mr. Erdogan is using the refugees to show his discontent.She forgot about the “secret deal” that she made with Mr. Erdogan(and never informed the other EU leaders), blithely disregarding their international obligations and agreed that every person arriving irregularly on Greek islands – including asylum-seekers – should be returned to Turkey.In exchange, Turkey would receive €6 billion to assist the vast refugee community hosted in the country, Turkish nationals would be granted visa-free travel to Europe and, once the number of irregular arrivals dropped, a “voluntary” humanitarian scheme to transfer Syrians from Turkey to other European countries would be activated.

How much does a refugee cost for Mrs Merkel?In exchange for money, Turkey shall keep all the people in its territory and Europe will be “safe” from the “invaders”… But the plan failed.And it failed because the leading EU countries never saw the facts.And there are limits on how many people a country can receive.

Turkey hosts the most refugees of any country worldwide with 3.7 million in total at the end of 2018.

Number of refugees per 1000 inhabitants.

Countries like Germany have around 4 refugees/1000 inhabitants.Greece, which is now the “front line” of the European culture and civilization has around 2 refugees/1000 inhabitants!

The EU leaders expected that Erdogan will accept for ever refugees fleeing from wars that were created by EU’s allies?

Did the EU leaders forget the uncontrolled flow of weapons sold to countries that currently are in a war situation?Are they not informed about the refugee crisis that a war(with weapons) can create?

The “bad” Erdogan is fighting a war in Syria using German tanks and weapons.The Kurds are fighting against the Turks using weapons that were donated by EU member countries.

Greece is becoming a concentration camp for souls that try to escape from war and death.People that try to save their families,their children.People fleeing our wars that we, as the “civilized west”, triggered to satisfy our needs of safety and luxury.

The Greeks are becoming the most racist nation in Europe, totally fooled by corrupted politicians that create a constant fear and spread the news about “invaders” that come to take the land.

No refugee wants to stay in Greece.There is no reason for them.Sorry my Greek friends, you have been totally fooled.You could help these people just cross the border and continue on.You could show them the way to north Europe and just wish them luck on their long journey.

But no.You are sold my Greek friend.You are an uneducated idiot,pretending to protect the border of the “holy” Europe by spreading hate and hitting unprotected human beings.You didn’t choose to protect your country, you only protect the richest north European countries that made millions for many years now by selling their weapons.

Back in 2012, the European union received the Nobel Peace Prize.For what actually?

They keep thousands of people as prisoners in the so called hotspots, violating all the basic human rights. In places that are overcrowded and people are left to die.

They use lethal force against unarmed people, against children, against women that according to the international law, is illegal.

They continue to sell weapons to countries with dictatorships and totalitarian regimes.

The Greek police is spraying the refugees with paint to mark them, like the nazi Germany some 80 years ago did with the Jews.

What comes next?I feel sick reading the news, I am sick of the politicians of this continent. I am sick of the stupidity of the people that will even kill another human being because they are told to.Without thinking.

We are becoming animals.

I am ashamed of us.